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It’s Simple…

We help children thrive!

Max Rhymes is the first & only 501c3 non-profit providing full classroom adoption

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What We Do:

  • Adopt kindergarten teachers and their students in underserved communities
  • Provide the Max Rhymes Series & Monthly Activity Books for every student and teacher to support children’s Social & Emotional Development
  • Create products teaching Personal Responsibility, Manners, Gratitude, Respect for Oneself and Others: the building blocks to help break the cycle of low literacy rates and poverty
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“We don’t accept what’s never been done before as something that shouldn’t be done now!”

Why We Do It:

  • Tight school budgets and lack of funding.
  • Effective resources not getting to ALL students.
  • Teachers can no longer afford to pay out of pocket.
  • Values & Self-Worth need to be brought back to the classroom & the home.
  • Fifty plus years with no change in low-income neighborhoods.
  • The time for change is now!

How We Do It:

  • Raise money from individual donors.
  • Reach out to corporate donors.
  • Good, caring people spreading the word.

100% of MaxRhymes.com retail sales go directly to foundation. MaxRhymes.com is part of the non-profit 501c3.

Who We Are:

  • Jackie is a 33 year credentialed elementary school teacher pushing for change.
  • Todd is a behavioral science researcher and writer with a passion to help kids.
  • Our team of volunteers are a diverse group who care about kids and the Max Rhymes Mission.

What We Created:


Retail site for individual purchases. Part of our 501c3 Non-profit.

Showing new parents by example


85% of parents don't read enough to their children

See what a North Carolina Teacher says about Max Rhymes in her classroom.

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What does that mean? Whatever you want it to mean!

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Contacting schools

It could be just cheering us on!

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We Target Cities Big & Small

Our largest cities in the US have two common denominators; Inner city children and school systems lacking proper funding.

We focus on Kindergartners to capitalize on early brainwaves and their adaptability.

Our motto: “Once Adopted Always Adopted”!

From small Towns to major cities, “Anyone can adopt any teacher Anywhere!”

Poverty ends where education begins


95% of our behavioral patterns are established by the age of 7!

Sustainable, Achievable, Believable

Our Teacher Adoption Process "IS" What Makes Us Different!
  • Every student receives a FREE 5 book set of the Max Rhymes Series to take home as their own!
  • Every Parent receives twice monthly Max Rhymes Activity Book PDF’s to use with their children at home!
  • Each Teacher receives multiple sets of the Max Rhymes Series to use in class!
  • Each Teacher receives twice monthly Activity Book PDF’s with lessons to use with their students! 
  • The Max Rhymes Foundation adopts the teacher year over year!

See How We’re Making A Difference!

Nothing can positively change the world faster than education.

There is an estimated 3 million word gap between the underprivileged and the privileged by the time they reach kindergarten

Max Rhymes…Because things which are needed the most should be accessible to all.

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