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Team up with Max Rhymes!

We gift our award-winning 5-book set of Max Rhymes® stories to students in “at-risk” schools through your donations.

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Team Up With Us for
Early Learning Success

Our mission is to adopt kindergarten classrooms in “at-risk” communities and give every student their very own set of the award winning Max Rhymes 5-Book Children’s Series to keep for FREE.

All Teaching Social & Emotional Learning

We Have An Educational Crisis On Our Hands…and our schools need all the help they can get.

Everyone knows how important learning to read is. Reading doesn’t just happen automatically; the foundations for reading must be taught.

This is where Max Rhymes, with your support, comes into play.

Max Rhymes Is The First & Only

Children’s Series That Teaches

Positive Behaviors Instinctively!

For kindergarten students, improved literacy and reading

retention is achieved all through the power of rhymes: Max Rhymes!

  • We’ve grown to 20 States, in 46 Cities, with 99 Schools, and 354 Classrooms.
  • It may come as a shock to hear that for many kids, these are the first books they’ve ever owned.
  • The kids begin to copy what the characters are teaching in the books.
  • To continue to grow this first-of-its-kind program, we really need your support.
  • Your donation of $25.00 will provide one student their very own set of books and programs during their kindergarten year.

“Holy Cow! Why can’t all books be like this…showing manners and being helpful! Exactly what young kids need to be reminded of.

Thank you for making great books!

D. Williams “Parent”

Love These Books! My 4-year-old loves reading Max Rhymes. She is doing so much more around the house to help out. She’s almost always picking up her dishes after meals, cleaning up toys more, making her bed, etc.

One day, while she was reading me Be Responsible Like Max, she saw a toy on the floor and stopped reading. She picked up the toy and said she was going to put it away, so she could be responsible like Max! I love how they have helped her and ME!

Renee Shelton, Mom in Florida

3 ½ Year Old LOVES Max

The Max Rhymes books have quickly become my daughters FAVORITES~ and already there are some really positive changes.

We were at the park the other day and I was talking with some other parents when she came over and waited for a pause in our conversation before saying, “Excuse me, can I go on the swing?”

This from my 100-mile-an-hour child, was pretty incredible. Instead of curing behavior, I can now ask, “What would Max do?” “What would Stella say?” And then she takes it from there!

L.C. Mom from California

Example from “Be Responsible Like Max.” Watch with amazement as Max teaches these values to the next generation!

See what a North Carolina Teacher says about Max Rhymes in her classroom.

Nothing can positively change the world faster than education.

There is an estimated 3 million word gap between the underprivileged and the privileged by the time they reach kindergarten.

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