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The Improbable Story of Max Rhymes

Keeping your bucket list open!

The first thing I should tell you is that neither myself nor Jackie ever had “author” on our bucket list’s. In fact, when Jackie first mentioned “we” should write children’s books, I cut her off saying, “there’s enough cute children’s books in the world.”  It’s too long a story to provide here, but as you can see, she won that battle….again!

The shock of stumbling upon a scientist!

Truth be told, it was my stumbling across the research of Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD., which flipped the switch for me. When I learned that 95% of our behavioral patterns were locked and loaded by the age of 7, it scared the heck of me. Give me a break. 7 years old? Nobody knows that!

Turning boring brainwave research into magical tools!

So, we set off on creating books that not only had to be cute, to attract the child’s attention, but also act as a magical tool for teachers and parents to easily teach core values, self-empowerment, and positive behavior before this brainwave change occurred.

Cute only gets you so far!

In other words, we weren’t interested in simply creating cute books. We were committed to create something that would change lives for the better. So, how do you do that? By turning your goofy dad songs and rhymes, mostly about poop, into positive behavioral affirmations which lodge in the subconscious forever!

It takes two to tango!

In bridging Jackie’s skill as an elementary school teacher together with Todd’s research in behavioral sciences, out pooped (sorry, habits die hard) popped Max Rhymes. The world’s first books to “instinctively” teach core values and has the science & metrics to back them up!

A Foundation was born!

With the understanding that “ALL” children need high self-esteem and core values to thrive, we created the www.MaxRhymesFoundation.org, a Non-Profit 501c3 which controls all of the Max Rhymes sites, products, copyrights & trademarks and where we adopt schools to provide low income kindergarten students full sets of the Max Rhymes books along with our programs.

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