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Adopt A Classroom or School

Adopting a single Kindergarten Classroom or all kinder classes at a School:

The Goal and Benefits.

We target low-income schools with the goal of providing the type of content that will enable the child to break the chain of poverty as they grow up.

We don’t change school curricula. But, we do provide tools that teach Personal Responsibility, Manners, Gratitude, Respect for oneself and others, which will develop and solidify into a new belief system. These are the building blocks which will enable the chain of poverty to be broken.

Tight school budgets and lack of funding often prevent resources getting to “all” children. Adopting a classroom creates a singular eco-system because every student reads the same material at school and at home. The teacher adopts the Max Rhymes™ Teacher Activity Book and utilizes Max Rhymes™ books and games in the classroom. The classroom learning prompts the children to read their Max Rhymes™ books, and utilize the Max Rhymes activity books & video games at home. In a short while, this in school and at home learning system can bring the values Max Rhymes™ teaches back into the classroom as well as in the home and the community.

Changing Hearts      Changing Minds    Changing Lives

Poverty ends where Education begins!

The Process When You Choose a Classroom or School:

The Max Rhymes™ Foundation has a simple process of adopting a single classroom or all kinder classes.

  1. We will provide each child with a set of 5 Max Rhymes™ Children’s Series books.
  2. We will provide extra sets for the classroom.
  3. We will provide an online Teacher Activity Book with vocabulary, math, spelling, lesson ideas, coloring, fun, etc. covering a full 12 months. Both English & Spanish.
  4. Each student will receive twice monthly PDF activity books, in both English & Spanish, 12 months a year.
  5. Each student will have access to the Max Rhymes “edutaining” learning video games in both English & Spanish.
  6. We will ship the books to the address you provide.
    • If you don’t have a school in mind, we will direct your donation to a deserving school.
    • If you prefer we choose a school in a specific city or town, please email us.
  7. Donor can be one individual/company or multiple individuals/companies. (Ask your Company if they have a matching program)
  8. Multiply $22.28 (subject to change) per number of students. Click on donate button and submit donation. For questions, contact us at Todd@MaxRhymes.com or call 408-835-5911.
  9. Target age:
    1. For Board Book Set: Pre-School, Pre-K, and TK.
    2. For Hardback Covers with paper pages: Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades.
  10. All Donations are Tax Deductible.
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